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Skypersonic’s Skycopter offers an innovative approach to industrial inspections. It is a safe, ready-to-fly product suitable for several applications. The drone is enclosed and protected by an external ultra-light and ultra-resistant cage to ensure safety and avoid damage to inspected structures and to the airframe itself. The Skycopter is designed to work in extreme conditions and ultra-tight spaces.

The Skycopter‘s tiltable camera can record 1920 x 1080 video @60 FPS (1.7 release) while sending latency-free images to the ground for First Person View on a display or high definition goggles. Thanks to the FPV technology you can inspect your critical infrastructure as you are onboard the drone and stream your inspection to a secondary spotter!

The Skycopter mounts an ultra-bright LED system for applications in complete darkness and utilizes our Skyloc Inspection and Environmental Monitoring Platform: a real time localization and monitoring system able to control and track with an extremely high accuracy the movements of the drone in indoor scenarios or where GPS is not available while also monitoring for gases that are dangerous to personnel.


Unmanned System Includes:

SkyCopter 4K Pro Confined Space Inspection UAV
Hard Shell, Weatherproof UAV Case
8 High Performance LiPo Batteries
Battery Charger
HDO2 FPV Goggles
HD FPV Monitor
X10s Flight Controller, Carbon Fiber
FPV Goggle and Monitor Antennas
Spare Cage, Cage Plugs, Prop Sets

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