DT-2S Plus
DT-2S Plus
DT-2S Plus
DT-2S Plus

DT-2S Plus

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Full-color night vision UAV gimbal camera is a night vision mounted payload specially designed for UAV. By mounting full-color night vision payload on the UAV, the UAV has full-color night vision capability, realizing the innovative application of various UAV night scenes.
Key features include:
  • Star-level imaging 0.005LUX night environment
  • Reduce night moving objects 90% smear
  • 80X hybrid zoom / 20X optical zoom
  • Versatile scenes All-weather
  • Dynamic glare suppression, No reflection, no over exposure
  • AI ISP Noise reduction, anti-shake
  • Low-power consumption Super Long Range
  • No fill light covert operation
Break through the bottleneck of traditional night vision technology. Light-light night vision-monochrome imaging + detail characteristics. Thermal imaging of night vision pseudo-color + contour features. Infrared light night vision black and white image + individual detail features.

80X hybrid zoom
Balancing the full view and details of observed objects. 20X optical zoom lens, realize long distance, wide range of cruise inspection. 60X electronic zoom, identify night long-distance people, car, target action, color features.

Backlight scene images clear, low light scene realizes full color, which enable night vision imaging with strong light. Perfect fusion of dark and bright areas in the image, with no exposure to bright areas and no loss of dark details. Highest can reach 64 times the original dynamic range, dynamic range up to 36dB.

Designed for DJI M300/210/350RTK.

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