Firehouse Tactical Command Case

Firehouse Tactical Command Case

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 24" Screen HD, Or 1500 NIT Daylight Readable. Mavic or Avata Inserts


Updated design with larger hard case for storage (wheeled) and custom foam inserts to fit multiple DJI Models. DJI Mavic Case fits DJI Mavic 1,2,3 or Mavic Mini 1,2,3. DJI Avata Case fits the Avata and all accessories. Hard deck top protects screen and allows work top. Can be used with ANY drone via HDMI output or Wireless Casting feature. 2 Sctreen Options available. Standard 24: 320 NIT HD Screen, or the new 1500 NIT Daylight readable screen. To be clear both screens can be used during day, some customers wanted the higher NIT screen so we offer both options so you have a choice based on budget (yep we all have one) and need. Two HDMI Switches Inputs allow multiple aircraft to connect. Larger power supply 200 Mwh with 2 -110 outlets and 4 USB outlets. Allows additional items to be charged. Run times 4-6 hours with option to use external power should you need.

This is the best value for wireless aerial command system available for SWAT, special ops, patrol, first-out fire response and commercial use. The case is designed to be flexible as your fleet changes so can the case.

Designed and Made by First Responders for First Responders and UAS Professionals

Firehouse Technology Portable Tactical FPV Case (Drone NOT included). Perfect solution for providing second screen Capability for Emergency Response, Tactical Teams and Commercial Operators. Fully standalone internally powered hard case, with storage. Smaller aircraft like the Mavic Mini, Mavic Air 2, Mavic Enterprise, are stored in the case for a quick deploy able package. This will mirror anything on your device including the pilots app, maps, preplans ect. Provides Large Screen 24" FPV Viewing for Pilots or Incident Command. We have found its a great asset to have a second larger screen support personnel, this keeps them away from the pilot and avoids distractions, this is known by pilots as a "Sterile cockpit" meaning the pilot is NOT distracted.

Quick simple deployment, this portable waterproof wheeled case for easy transport has its own internal power supply powered by a Portable Generator (electric storage cell) that can be recharged off 110 wall plug or solar panel. The built in 24" HD display provides sharp clear images. This Tactical Case allows two types of connections, for smaller aircraft with no HDMI out (Mavic Mini) you can connect wireless and mirroring your RC Controllers tablet screen to the larger screen. This has a range of about 30'. If you have HDMI out you can simply connect your RC Controllers HDMI out with the included 15' cable to the one of two HDMI Inputs built in the case. Two inputs allow you to connect two aircraft and switch between both of the displays. Aircraft like the M30, M3T, M300/350 Autel Evo 2 and Max4T have an HDMI out in the RC Controller or screen that allows easy connections. The case provides enough portable power to power screen for 5-6 hours before plugging in. It can be used to charge batteries, strobes, RC controllers, tablets and phones and more via its 2- 110 AC plugs as well as 4 -USB ports.

Larger case (24" )Pelican Style all weather case watertight case Case is also with wheeled for easy deployment. Have questions on use and tactics don't hesitate to call or email. Visit our FB page and website at Firehouse Technology

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Kit Includes:

1- Tactical Operations FPV Case with 24" HD Screen (24" Wheeled hard case with handle)

1- Wireless Streaming HDMI module supports IOS, Android, Crystal Sky and Smart Controllers

1- Dual HDMI Switch Box- Allows multiple aircraft to be connected

1- 15' HDMI Cable

1- 200 Mwh Power Supply and Wall Charger (runs screen 4-6 hours)

Free Tech Support as needed to ensure you get the most of your purchase.

Another option is adding a WinStick for Windows OS, or Chrome Bit forChrome OS for large screen display (NOT Included) that allows post processing on site are available and come with small Bluetooth keyboard that allows logging into web pages. For this option please let us know and we will quote current price (FAA, LANNC, RTMP, YouTube Live, Facebook Live) and if you subscribe to one of the many new cloud based streaming services for Drones (Dronesense, UGCS, Drone SAR, Teradek) the Windows OS or Chrome OS allow you to access there web pages via internet browser and stream back to command centers screen.

Secondary applications include perfect tailgating set up for watching the game via the live stream apps on the fire stick or any streaming device.

This product was designed and Made in the USA. Special orders can also be done if the user has a specific request