DJI Airworks 2018

DJI Airworks 2018


AirWorks is DJI’s annual enterprise conference that brings the entire commercial drone industry together. The 2018 focus is on the growing commercial drone ecosystem and how solution providers, dealers, and end users can thrive by working with DJI—the ultimate platform of the future.

Global infrastructure industries are expected to spend USD $45.2 billion a year on inspections, and drones create enormous potential to improve their operations. In one inspection project of 15,000 telecommunication cell towers, drones saved $4.8 million in potential costs. Drone-empowered operations are three times more cost-efficient than legacy methods, and provide improved safety for the workers doing this critical work.

Join us at AirWorks 2018 to learn more about how the infrastructure industry is using DJI drones for planning, inspections, surveying and asset management.

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