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The Draganflyer Commander is a work of art. Single piece molded carbon fiber booms, patented folding airframe, patented folding landing gear, quick release props, quick release payloads, and intelligent dual battery technology. With over 18 years in the industry we take a great deal of pride in our product, reputation, and most of all, the success of our customers.

The Draganflyer Commander is an industrial strength, high quality, professional system designed for easy transport, easy use, and yet delivers high quality professional results whether out shooting aerial photography or the most demanding of survey work.

Featuring high quality carbon fiber quick release props with integrated centrifugal cooling fans. In addition, each prop is "keyed" to prevent accidentally installing the wrong prop on the wrong motor. Installation is quick, simple, and provides robust prop mounting.

On a day when threatening skies kept most light manned aircraft chained to the ground, the Draganflyer Commander easily handled the job.

With the patented folding airframe, portability, and quick deployment, the team waited for a break in the weather to safely deploy and map a small project with excellent results.

The Draganflyer Commander delivers reliable, rock solid performance with a distinctive profile making it easy to see and fly. The system features digital video downlink with realtime control over the Sony QX100 payload to adjust camera tilt, zoom, and a host of other camera and mode settings during flight.

Designed and built from the ground up, Draganfly Innovations is an original manufacturer designing and building the aircraft system hardware, electronics, software, handheld controllers, ground control system, and integrating the best-of-the-best camera payload systems to provide outstanding high quality aerial data.

Impress your customers from the moment you open the rugged transport case and unfold your Draganflyer Commander system. The Commander features an intelligent dual battery system for extended flight time, quick release payloads, high quality flight controller, and patented folding carbon fiber airframe.

A beautiful calm evening while out shooting aerial photography with the Draganflyer Commander. The quiet noise signature had no effect on birds in the immediate area or the environment. The Commander is a dream to fly and delivers high resolution, high quality aerial imagery.

Even on the brightest days, the navigation lighting on the Draganflyer Commander is easy to see and serves as a valuable visual aid when manually flying the system. When operating on cloudy days or near sunset, LED brightness can be adjusted remotely from the handheld controller.

The Draganflyer Commander features quick release payloads with no interconnect cables to the airframe. Fast, simple, easy to swap, the wide range of payloads allows you to capture high quality data for a wide range of applications.

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