DroneFishing Fish Finder – Advanced – GPS

DroneFishing Fish Finder – Advanced – GPS


DroneFishing Fish Finder
Recommended for use in conjunction with Bait Dropper

How does it work?
The Fish Finder unit is flown out to the area that you want to survey using a sonar fish finder. The drone lowers the probe into the water and can then drag it around effortlessly while the probe sends data back to a receiver unit by means of its own radio transmitter. Flying the unit out is especially
handy if there are obstacles in the way or even breaking waves.
If you find a spot that you like then you simply mark it and save the waypoint in your DJI Go app and on the advanced unit you can save the locations on its own receiver/display unit.

Description and main features:
Ultra light weight design the entry level
weighs in at only 500g and the advanced with
3D map generation ability at under 500g,
Range of 330m (we are working on improving
this), Rechargeable Lipo battery good for 2 hours of
continuous fish finding, so 5 charges on your
drone, Depth range up to 40m
Color display showing fish, structure and the
advanced even bottom hardness.
On the advanced you will have the ability to
generate a 3D map of your fishing area surface bed using your windows based laptop (not included)

Usually ships within 3 weeks.