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The E384 fixed wing UAS is one of the leading drones in the world for Construction, Environmental Conversation, Mining, Precision Agriculture and Surveying.

The E384 drone has been tested in thousands of hours of flight and has proven in hundreds of applications to be reliable, safe, and easy to use. The E384 can fly 1,000 acres in 100 minutes at 5cm resolution completely autonomously at a cost of pennies per acre.

This kit is a complete starter kit that includes everything you'll need to start collecting imagery except a Windows laptop to use as a ground control station - just select a payload for collecting data and you'll be ready to go.

Specifications: (Download Spec Sheet PDF,

  • Dimensions: 190cm Wingspan, 130cm Length (75 x 51 inches)
    • Wings and body disassemble for easy transport
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.6 lbs)
  • Endurance: 100 minutes flight time
  • Cruise Speed: 13m/s (29 mph)
  • Range: 70km (44 miles)
    • Map up to 960 geo-referenced acres per flight at 3.0cm/pixel resolution (390 Ha)
  • Payload: 1kg (2.2 lbs)
    • Automatic lens protection for landing
  • Complete mission planning and operations software
    • For your Windows 7 or 8 laptop (not included)
    • Autonomous flight, Return-to-launch, Automated pre-flight checklists, much more
  • Complete operating instructions online and downloadable
  • Operating Conditions
    • MSL Ceiling: 3,960 meters, (13,000 ft), - auto take-off tested to 3,100 meters, (10,000 ft)
    • Max wind speed: 10 m/sec, (22 mph) for autonomous operation
    • Telemetry Range: 1km from ground station to aircraft, (0.6 mi)
      • 10 km+ with optional long range radios, (6.2 mi)
The E384 has a limited factory warranty.

Airframe Construction - The E384 is constructed from high performance expanded poly-olefin foam (EPO, not styrofoam) in a process similar to injection molding plastics. The EPO foam structure combined with reinforcing carbon rods allows the E384 to maintain its light weight, leaving more room for battery and sensor payload and still launching without the need for additional launch assistance equipment..
  • EPO foam can flex/bend without breaking. EPO foam technology allows structural flexibility to dissipate energy in tight turns and hard landings. Closed cell foam absorbs damage from obstacles rather than cracking or breaking on impact.
  • Dents and dings can be repaired by dipping the affected area in boiling water, forcing the beads to expand back to their original shape
  • EPO Foam is superior to fiberglass or carbon fiber construction because it is easily repaired with readily available tools like glue and tape
  • If a really hard crash were ever to happen, we can remove all the expensive electronics, sell you a new inexpensive replacement E384 airframe, and you essentially have a brand new drone.

Mission Planning and Control Software – Mission Planner is an easy-to-use planning and flight control system. Our drones fly completely autonomously from takeoff to landing.

Key Mission Planner features include:

  • Quickly plan, save and upload autonomous missions into your E384 autopilot with simple point-and-click commands.
  • Monitor your E384’s inflight status in real-time: altitude, speed, direction, battery level, and see its location on a moving map.
  • Automatically record logs of every flight for review and analysis later.

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