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The DJI S1000 Case is a spacious Pelican case that allocates space for up to four batteries and two radios. The top and lower trays offer extra compartments for accessories and a tablet or monitor

Lower Tray:

  • 1 DJI S1000 or S1000+ with Zenmuse Z15, Z15-GH3 cameras attached or Z15-5D attached
  • 1 cavity for accessories and/or a 5D if required

Top Tray:

  •  2 Accessory cavities (one will accommodate a tablet or monitor up to 6x8)
  •  4 Batteries (up to 20,000mAh)
  •  2 Radios


Exterior Length 26.5 in
Exterior Width 26.5 in
Exterior Depth 25.25 in



Interior Length 24 in
Interior Width 24 in
Interior Depth 24 in



Weight 46 lb 0.00 oz
Shipping Weight Domestic 150 lb 0.00 oz

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