MARS 120 V2


$ 1,499.00

– 120″ Ballistic Parachute Safety & Security
– Designed for Massive Aircraft Weighing Up To 25 lbs.
– Light Weight, High Strength Design
– Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, & Aluminum Construction
– Compact Layout for Maximum Payload Applications
– High Energy Compression Spring Design
– Vented Canister for Rapid Deployment
– “Mayday” Auto Deployment Ready
– Multiple Mounting Hole Options
– High Torque Hitec HS-64MG Metal Gear Servo
– (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty

(1) MARS 120 V2 Parachute System
(1) Mounting Hardware Set
(1) 3 Point / 4 Point Mounting Straps

Maximum Aircraft Weight: 25 lbs (11.33kg)
Parachute Size: 120″ (305cm)
Overall Height: 7.625″ (19.4cm)
Canister Diameter: 3.5″ (8.89cm)
Weight Including Parachute: 1 lbs., 15 oz. (.87 kg)
Parachute Weight: 11.8 oz.
Deployment Method: High Energy Compression Spring
Servo Type: Hitec HS-645MG (Analog)
Mounting Holes: 4mm x 30mm / 4mm x 45mm / 3mm x 71mm

Optional Items:
“Mayday” Auto Deployment System

Flight Video Click Here
3 System Weight Test Video Click Here

Printable Bolt Pattern: Click Here

Specifically designed for massive aircraft with an all up weight of 25 lbs., the MARS 120 V2 was developed to provide crucial safety for your aircraft and onlookers below with proven ballistic parachute safety that cannot be ignored. Simply put, The MARS 120 V2 is the most important piece of technology you will install on your aircraft – safety & security that is paramount with every flight you take.

With a complete redesign that focused on massive weight reduction, faster parachute deployment and a drastic reduction in complexity & size, the MARS 120 V2 is the parachute of choice for large scale aircraft that depend upon safety when things go wrong.

Utilizing high strength polycarbonate & carbon fiber materials with a drastic reduction in size and weight, the 120 V2 provides true functionality & peace of mind that is applicable to nearly any large scale aircraft that flies today. Further this with a massive 120″ parachute that will drastically reduce the descent rate of your aircraft, it is easily seen why the MARS 120 V2 is the choice at hand for any large scale UAV within this range of weight.

Utilizing a high energy compression spring, the light weight nylon parachute deploys in rapid fashion thanks to the all new vented canister system. This rapid deployment system ensures the parachute deploys as quickly as possible, and also functions to clear the props to avoid propeller entanglement.

The MARS 120 V2 is a critical safety system for any aircraft or UAV ranging within this weight range – the peace of mind & confidence needed when performing the tasks at hand. Whether it be protecting large scale investments or securing the safety of people & property below, the MARS 120 V2 is the technology advantage that pilots demand with this scale of investment & size.

Take hold of true safety & security with proven ballistic parachute technology – capability that will protect your aircraft above and safeguard those below, leaving you with the safety you need, security you trust, and peace of mind you deserve.

At MARS, our staff of engineers have gone to exceptional lengths to design every product we offer with a keen focus on reliability, safety, functionality and security. With all our products, countless hours have been spent testing and re-testing each and every product – looking for any weakness or fault that would lead us to a greater path of reliability & protection.

After countless real life field tests with our products, we feel that we have designed a system that adds tremendously to the safety margin of your aircraft, providing you and your aircraft with the utmost in safety & security with every flight you take. More than anything, we hope you never need to use our parachute systems; however, when you do, we feel that you will agree to the fact that the MARS systems pay for themselves time and again, bringing your aircraft home , safe & sound.

As with anything in life, please be aware that any system, no matter how well designed, will have limitations. In the case of all MARS parachute recovery systems, please be 100% aware that these systems are designed to reduce the fall speed of your aircraft by a massive margin, bringing your aircraft home safely with the least amount of damage to the aircraft or equipment. However, even with proper parachute deployment, aircraft damage can occur, so please be aware that even with a parachute recovery system, damage can occur upon touchdown.

In regards to all MARS parachute recovery systems, MARS does not guarantee the recovery of your aircraft, nor can MARS be held responsible for any element of crash damage, property damage, injury or death. It is always the pilots responsibility to provide a safe & secure flight environment, while always keeping in mind the likelihood of failure in respect to people & property below. Any such incident or crash cannot / will not be covered by MARS, nor can MARS be held liable for any damages – monetary or otherwise.

Please be aware that safe parachute deployment can be effected by a number of issues, such as wind, aircraft attitude, altitude (or lack thereof), airspeed, proper parachute packing, and any number of aerodynamic events that could compromise the effective deployment of the parachute recovery system.

Again – it is always the responsibility of the pilot to maintain safe aircraft control. Even though a parachute recovery systems adds greatly to the reliability & safety of the aircraft, a parachute recovery system has limitations, and it is the pilots responsibility to maintain safety for people & property at all times.