SteadiDrone VADER HL


The only thing bigger than the Vader's payload capacity is the LAUNCH SPECIAL we are running for a limited time, purchase a Vader HL during the special period and get a Mavrik X8 free! Yip, you heard us right, get a Mavrik X8 valued at $7 995.00 absolutely free.

The new STEADIDRONE VADER HL has been developed and designed to offer the most advanced, heavy duty, heavy lift long endurance multi-rotor sUAS available, with features and quality you simply won’t find on any other system. A reliable tool for everyday commercial and industrial applications, with a massive payload capacity and wide flight envelope, the VADER HL folds down into a compact travel case, smaller than any other system of comparable size, its the only option for serious aerial professionals and industry.

The SteadiDrone VADER HL is the 'Heavy Lift' version of the standard Vader, an ‘open’ platform which is not payload, camera, sensor or even flight controller specific, its ability to fly just about anything, mounted underneath or right on top of the unit, along with its rapid deploy folding design and other unique features is what sets it apart from the rest, designed from the ground up, to the sky.

Now Includes Aerial Data Service PROPELLER package (Valued at $995) free.

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