Quantum Systems

The world’s most efficient electric vertical take-off and landing UAV for professional use.

The Tron is a professional and high-performing UAV that offers outstanding efficiency and elegance. The system has been designed to flexibly, quickly, and safely integrate different sensors in order to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

The high quality standards of Quantum-Systems combined with the extremely simple operating concept and high aerodynamic efficiency make the Tron unique among all other existing drones. To meet these high demands, the Tron was designed from the outset as a fully-electric transition aircraft.

Our transitioning technology combines long range and efficiency with the ability to vertically take off and land (VTOL) without additional equipment.



The Tron with its large payload compartment offers additional space and customers made use of this by integrating bigger and more sensors than it would be possible with other UAVs.

This is an example for a custom integration with a total of 3 cameras featuring 8 objectives for advanced agricultural research applications.

In order to adapt the Tron for your use case, please contact us directly.



Max. Take-off Weight 13,5 kg (29.76 lbs)
Max. Flight Time
Tron60* / Tron90
60 min / 90 min
Max. Range = Area 90 km = 700 ha
Command and Control Range 2 km (1.24 mi)
Payload 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Optimal Cruise Speed 18 m / s
Wind Resistance (ground wind) 8.5 m/s
Wind Resistance
(in cruise flight)
up to 12 m / s
Wingspan 3.5 m (11.48 ft)
Transport Case Dimension 1775 x 325 x 428 mm
(70x13x17 inch)


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