UGS-1 Granular Spreader

Maverick Drone Systems

- Dimensions: 302mm x 223,5mm x 365mm

- Input voltage: Lipo 1S (3V-4,2V)

- Capacity: 8L (2,11 gal.)

- Spreader empty weight: 0,9 kg

- Total weight (including battery and electronic system): 1,1 kg

- Normal current: 4A-6A

- Maximal current: 10A (protected by a fuse)

- Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C (14° F to 104°F)

- Max tilt angle: 27°

- Made of: Carbon fiber, aluminum, ASA Plastic

- Spreading diameter: 12m-23m

    **Depends on voltage, altitude of the drone when spreading, type of granules and wind condition.

- Rate of spreading : Adjustable

- Rotation speed: 625 rpm

- Max transmitting range (no obstable, no interference): Up to 3km

- Operating frequency: 433 Mhz

- Remote control powered with 9V battery

- Minimum recommended payload capacity of your UAV: 5 Kg