MP 130 V2 Speaker
MP 130 V2 Speaker

MP 130 V2 Speaker

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The MP130 is a long-range acoustic device (LRAD) designed for UAV. It has the characteristics of clear sound, strong penetration, ultra-high sound pressure, small size, light weight and low energy consumption.

High-quality digital sound can travel over half a mile (0.62 miles; 1000 meters). Low power consumption, excellent magnetic shielding performance, specially developed for UAV industry applications.

Through DJI SkyPort, the MP130 can be seamlessly integrated with DJI M300 RTK, M200 Series, and M200 Series V2 aircraft. Operators can utilize real-time broadcast from a remote command center or mobile command vehicle.

  • < 550g (19.4 oz) weight

  • > 300m effective range

  • > 130dB Volume

Key Features & Application Interface:

Long Distance Transmission — Compatible drones can be equipped with MP130, making them capable of remote airborne voice broadcasting. The maximum control distance is consistent with that of the UAV, which can reach 4.35 to 6.21 miles or 7 to 10 kilometers.

Loud and Clear — The maximum volume exceeds 130dB, the effective broadcast range is 300 meters to 500 meters, and the maximum broadcast range is more than 1000 meters.

Multiple play modes — The MP130 has a variety of broadcast modes, such as text-to-speech, scanning QR codes to transmit text, real-time voice broadcast, and audio file playback to solve users’ different needs.

Delicate Design — The MP130 utilizes the DJI SkyPort interface, easily installed on the drone and able to be controlled with the DJI Pilot software. The automatic synchronous pitching function can follow the camera’s PTZ movements, ensuring accurate direction to achieve the best effect.

Full Specifications:

  • Size 5.5×5.5×4.9” (140x140x125mm) (LxWxH)
  • Weight 19.2 oz (545g)
  • Max. Sound Pressure > 120 dB
  • Sound Propagation Distance > 0.62mi (1000m)
  • Power 35W
  • Pitch Angle 0–90o
  • Control Distance 4.35–6.21mi (7–10km)
  • Working Temperature -4–104 o F (-20–40 o C)
  • App Support System Android 5.0 and above
  • Play Mode Upload the recording; text-to-speech;
  • Use SC card to play; Mixed play
  • Audio File Storage Format .mp3, .wma, .wav, .aac, .ogg, .flac

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