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Parrot ANAFI
Parrot ANAFI
Parrot ANAFI
Parrot ANAFI
Parrot ANAFI

Parrot ANAFI

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The Parrot ANAFI USA is a powerful and versatile drone manufactured in Massachusetts, USA by French manufacturer Parrot, in cooperation with the US Army. This drone is intended for use by first responders, firefighters, SAR teams, and security teams, and features a 32x optical zoom system, two 21-megapixel cameras, and a FLIR Boson® 320 longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera with a 320 x 256 resolution. 

32X Zoom + Powerful Thermal Camera

With its thermal imaging capabilities, the Anafi USA can help locate victims in search and rescue missions and provide valuable insights during firefighting operations. The drone's compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and deploy in even the most remote locations, while its advanced features make it an invaluable tool.

When seconds matter, you need a drone that can be deployed quickly and easily. The Parrot Anafi USA is operational in less than 55 seconds, making it the perfect choice for first responders and other professionals who need to deploy a drone quickly. With its secure radio link and easy-to-use controls, the Anafi USA is the perfect tool for missions where speed is of the essence.

The Parrot Anafi USA is the perfect drone for indoor and outdoor use. With its ability to take off and land in your hand, it is easy to use and perfect for any condition. With GPS, you can fly the Anafi USA indoors without worry, and with its long battery life, you can stay in the air for longer.

Flight-ready in 55s. Zero no-fly zone limitation

This is the perfect tool for first responders who need to fly at a moment’s notice. With no built-in limitations for no-fly zones, the Anafi USA gives first responders the freedom to fly responsibly wherever their missions may take them. The Anafi USA is also the quietest drone in its class, with a sound level of just 79 dB when it is 50cm off the ground. And for added convenience, the Anafi USA uses a standard USB-C type charger. So if you’re looking for a drone that can help you save lives and make a difference, look no further than the Parrot Anafi USA.

The lightweight ANAFI USA folds down to about 500 g (1.1 lbs) for ultimate portability. ANAFI USA's 32-minute flight time is the best in its class for a drone of its size, despite its small size and compact construction.

The advanced optics of ANAFI's gimbal and zoom were designed to help firefighters on the scene assess a large fire. The 32x optical capability allows operators up-close views from 3 miles away, while also providing wide-angle coverage all around them. The powerful camera setup ensures you can see every detail inside your assigned area or even further if necessary!

The high-tech thermal imaging camera can detect hot spots from up to 2 km away while providing operators with a clear view of people and other important details.

Parrot has accomplished excellent image stabilization on 32x zoom images with a light drone (500 g/1.1 lbs) by coupling the stabilization of the gimbal with full 3-axis digital stabilization via image processing.

Made in the USA

The ANAFI USA's Secure Digital (SD) card encryption feature ensures the complete protection of photos and videos if the drone or the SD card is lost.

ANAFI USA also has a secure WPA2 Wi-Fi connection so that the link between the remote controller and the drone can be verified and encrypted. Signed firmware protects the drone's software from being tampered with. Parrot also utilizes Wi-Fi, WPA2, RTP/RTSP, H.264, and GUTMA to assure interoperability and security of all recorded data.

Users can share data via the FreeFlight 6 app. Without the user's consent, no data is shared by default. After opting in, flight data and logs are kept on secure servers in Europe and the drone. The drone's features are GDPR-compliant (GDPR).

The largest ecosystem for drones

Because it is compatible with Pix4Dreact, the premier mapping software in the industry, ANAFI USA makes it possible for first responders to instantly transform photos into accurate 2D maps on a laptop. ANAFI USA enables a developing ecosystem of professional apps and services by providing an open-source software development kit (SDK) and utilizing the standard protocols in the industry.

Rugged and ready. IP53 certified

ANAFI USA passed IP53, making it rain-ready. It's weatherproof and dust-resistant for missions in harsh situations. ANAFI USA's stabilization ensures high-quality footage in 15 m/s winds.

ANAFI USA's enhanced flight features meet enterprise drone users' needs. Pilots have various easy-to-use flight options using Parrot's FreeFlight 6 software. Flight routes for ANAFI USA can be defined by coordinates or executed autonomously. Creating a flight plan with pre-set automatic flights and target-tracking makes team missions easy.

Featuring an editable “Return to Home” (RTH) feature, the drone allows users to program a specified “home” location for easy mission wrap-up. This RTH feature automatically occurs when the drone disconnects or is running low on battery, making it easy to keep your drone safe. ANAFI USA’s advanced tracking technology helps emergency responders quickly locate missing persons or hazardous materials.

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