Industrial Inspection

It’s a simple truth: industrial inspections, like roof inspections, power line inspections, and flare stack inspections, can be time consuming and many times, difficult to complete. Often, these job are risky for the workers completing them. But, with the use of drones, these risks can be minimized. 

Drone technology allows inspectors to fly an unmanned helicopter to assess the area in need of inspection with real-time video surveillance. The camera equipment that’s mounted to the drone flyer has the ability to take high-resolution video or stills without risk of injury to the inspector. 

Hurricane Sandy caused massive of storm damage to much of New York and New Jersey's industrial infrastructure. Close range, low altitude unmanned Drone / UAV remote aerial inspection is available as a powerful cost effective safe alternative to risking the crew of a manned helicopter in some tight or other wise risky locations. Our Inspire 1 drone is capable of capturing high resolution digital images feet away from the problem getting clients a close up view of the damage allowing a more accurate basement with out the risk of human life and is a powerful tool as an alternative to a helicopter.

 Such application include but are not limited to:

- Hurricane Sandy Damage Survey
- Crane Inspection
- Cellular Site
- Smoke Stack Inspection
- Power Line Inspection
- Pipe Lines
- Wind Farm Inspection
- Roof top damage Inspection
- Solar Panel Inspection
- Refinery Flare Tip Inspection
- Bridge Inspection
- Search and rescue
- Insurance claim inspection
- Any application requiring aerial video or still photography

With GPS position hold and way point capability, we are able to move a small 10 lb. unmanned flying drone / UAV into any position  and altitude in space. The camera can then be moved on all 3 axis to provide any angle possible. A live video feed is sent to portable monitor so the team can maneuver and inspect in real time. High resolution images and HD Video can be viewed by the client to make their assessment.


At Maverick Drone Systems, we want to help keep workers safe while completing industrial inspections.Contact us today to learn more about how our system can help complete inspections accurately and without risk of harm to inspectors.