CZI TK3 Tethering Power System

CZI TK3 Tethering Power System

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The CZI TK3 Tethering Power System is the new generation of ground power systems optimized for size and weight.

The TK3 converts 220V AC power into 400V DC high-voltage power, which is transmitted to the drone through a high-performance nickel alloy cable. This enables the drone to realize 24-hours of uninterrupted flights.

Used in conjunction with high-power gimbal searchlights, cameras, and other mission payloads, it can meet the needs of long-time, large-area emergency lighting and monitoring in complex emergency scenarios. Utilized with the DJI M30 Series, M300 RTK, and M350 RTK drones, the TK3 Tethering System is an essential tool for extended surveillance, inspection, and continuous monitoring aerial operations.

Key Features:

  • Extended Flight Capability: Enables drones to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted flights, ideal for prolonged missions.
  • Lightweight and Convenient: Optimized design for easy transportation and setup, ensuring rapid deployment in the field.
  • High-Performance Power Transmission: Utilizes a high-quality nickel alloy cable for efficient power delivery.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works seamlessly with DJI M30 Series, M300 RTK, and M350 RTK drones.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Can be used with various payloads, enhancing the drone's operational flexibility.