Propeller - Aeropoint V2 Set
Propeller - Aeropoint V2 Set
Propeller - Aeropoint V2 Set
Propeller - Aeropoint V2 Set
Propeller - Aeropoint V2 Set
Propeller - Aeropoint V2 Set

Propeller - Aeropoint V2 Set

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AeroPoints 2's internal hardware stack has been completely redesigned to focus on expanding GPS and connectivity capabilities.



Dual Frequency GPS

AeroPoint 2s have been equipped with an improved dual-frequency GPS receiver (AeroPoint 1s are single frequency) to improve:

The capture time required to acquire a GPS fix

  • 10 minute minimum with the Propeller Corrections Network (previous AeroPoint capture time was 45 minutes)
  • Two minute minimum drone flight for PPK workflow corrections (was previously 10 minutes)

The number of satellite constellations we can observe to gather data.

  • Support for Galileo and Beidou has been added
  • Continued support for GPS and GLONASS

The quality of data collected, which leads to increased accuracy 

  • Dual-frequency GPS receiver increases reliability during data collection
  • Data is more accurate

The maximum distance from a correction source 

  • Increased to 50 km (~31 mi) from 35 km (~22 mi) to effectively expand AeroPoint correction network coverage by 50% from existing correction sources

The maximum capture time

  • Increased from 5 hours to 8 hours to facilitate larger jobs, removing the need for complex AeroPoint operations 

Power Performance and Charges

We understand that purely charging the AeroPoints through solar has caused the product to be artificially limited by location or weather. 

AeroPoints 2s have an added 12- 24V DC charging port that will charge the AeroPoint in three hours, compared to the 8 hours. Each AeroPoint 2 has a charger included.

We've also increased the battery life to 100 hours of capture time (from 45 hours). 


Major connectivity feature updates for AeroPoints enable transparency into their operation and health in the field. Added Bluetooth capabilities enable the use of the new AeroPoints app, which provides information on:

  • Real-time diagnostic information

    • GPS capture size and elapsed time

    • Upload status and progress

    • Battery level and charging status

  • Custom wireless hotspot configuration for AeroPoints connected to the app

Note: Bluetooth range on the AeroPoints is limited to 5 meters maximum.


AeroPoint 2s also has an upgraded WiFi capability, which allows data captures to upload quicker than ever.

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10 AeroPoints V2

2x AeroPoints Carry Bags

12 Months Propeller Correction Network Subscription

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