Skycopter offers an innovative approach to industrial inspections and first response emergency situations.

    Skycopter is a safe, ready-to-fly product suitable for several applications. The drone is enclosed and protected by an external aerodynamic, ultra-light, and ultra-resistant cage to ensure safety and avoid damage to inspected structures and to the airframe itself. It’s designed to work in extreme conditions and ultra-tight spaces.

    The Skycopter‘s tiltable camera can record 4K video while sending a latency-free 720p digital stream to the ground for First Person View on high definition goggles or ruggedized ground station display (optional). Thanks to the FPV technology, you can fly as if you are on board the drone!

    Skycopter mounts an ultra-bright 360° LED system for applications in complete darkness, and it uses our Skyloc technology: a real-time location and monitoring system able to control and track with extremely high accuracy the movements of the drone in indoor scenarios or where GPS is not available.
    Skyloc is also a telemetry gateway for plug-in sensors that can be fitted on the Skycopter to detect smoke or other substances.

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