Airdata Enterprise Fleet Management- Annual

Airdata Enterprise Fleet Management- Annual

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World’s Most Trusted Flight Data Platform

Airdata UAV is the largest online drone fleet data management and real-time flight streaming platform. We provide full spectrum drone management that includes pre and post flight analysis to more than 219,000 active users.


We have a mission to help keep your aircraft airworthy by analyzing, identifying, and predicting critical failures and optimizing flight performance. Automatically capture your drone flights and pilot data AirData helps you meet compliance requirements through custom flight reports, fully customizable pre and post-flight checklists, and automatic maintenance tracking. Meet compliance requirements See trends, usage statistics, flight history, and maintenance records for all equipment. Receive alert emails when important equipment and pilot thresholds are triggered. Discover early signs of problems to prevent surprises We do the heavy lifting of automatically tracking your equipment and notifying you when maintenance is due. Ready-made templates make completing the maintenance a quick and simple process.

Effortlessly track maintenance The AirData live streaming service allows for very low latency streaming (1-second) of any flight app as it broadcasts the screen of the phone or tablet. The live streams are PIN-protected over SSL, which ensures that only designated viewers will have access to the stream.

Supported Aircraft

ArduPilot ArduPilot Any ArduPilot aircraft ArduPilot .bin and .tlog flight logs are supported
Ascent Spirit Support for the BIN and TLOG log files
Autel EVO EVO Auto upload is available
    EVO 2 Auto upload is available
Autel Nano Nano
Autel Lite Lite
DJI AGRAS MG-1P Sprayer rate is available
    MG-1S Sprayer rate is available
    T16 Sprayer rate is available
DJI Phantom 3 Standard Short Battery Serial
    4K Short Battery Serial
    Advanced Short Battery Serial
    Professional Short Battery Serial
DJI Phantom 4 Original Short Battery Serial
    Advanced+ How to install Airdata app
    Pro+ How to install Airdata app
    Pro V2
    RTK How to install Airdata app
DJI Inspire 1 All models Short Battery Serial
DJI Inspire 2 Original Limited bat serial on older iOS
DJI Mavic Air
    Air 2
    Air 2S
    Pro Limited bat serial on older iOS
    Platinum Will show as 'Mavic Pro'
DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise
    Enterprise Advanced
    Enterprise Dual
DJI Mavic 3 Mavic 3
    Mavic 3 Cine
DJI Matrice M100 Short Battery Serial
    M210 / RTK
    M300 RTK
    M600 Limited Battery Info
Short Battery Serial
    600 Pro Limited Battery Info
DJI Mini Mini
    Mini SE
    Mini 2
    Mini 3 Pro
DJI Spark Limited bat serial on older iOS
Flyability Elios Elios
    Elios 2
Freefly Alta Alta 6 No Smart Battery
    Alta 8 No Smart Battery
    Alta X Upload .ulg log file
Freefly Astro Astro Upload .ulg log file
Harris Carrier H6 Support for the TLOG log files
Microdrones md4 md4-200
Parrot Anafi Anafi Auto sync is supported from the FreeFlight 6 app
    Anafi Ai
    Anafi Thermal Auto sync is supported from the FreeFlight 6 app
    Anafi USA Auto sync is supported from the FreeFlight 6 app
    Anafi USA Gov Auto sync is supported from the FreeFlight 6 app
Parrot Bepop 2 Auto sync is supported in Account->Parrot
No Smart Battery
Parrot Disco Auto sync is supported in Account->Parrot
No Smart Battery
Percepto Percepto Support for the BIN log files
PX4 PX4 Autopilot Any PX4 aircraft PX4 .ulg flight logs are supported
senseFly eBee eBee X The json log files are supported
Skydio Skydio 2 Auto sync is supported, learn more
Skydio Skydio 2+ Auto sync is supported, learn more
Skydio Skydio X2 Auto sync is supported, learn more
Vantage Robotics Vesper
Watts Innovations Prism Support for the BIN log files
Wingcopter Wingcopter No Smart Battery
Wingtra WingtraOne WingtraOne
    WingtraOne GEN II
Yuneec H520 Upload guide

No Smart Battery
Short Battery Serial Older versions of 3rd party apps may report a shorter, encoded battery serial number, which will automatically create a new battery.

Workaround: Batteries can be merged to address this.

Limited Battery Info As of DJI GO 3.1.11, Battery information in the log is limited. So temperature, cell deviations and amperage use are currently not available.

Limited Serial Info Older versions of DJI GO on iOS (4.1.3 and older) did not report the battery serial number properly for this aircraft (only about 1% of the iOS flights did).
Android is not affected by this (all versions) and reports the serial number properly. DJI GO iOS 4.1.4 or later reports the serial number correctly as well.

Workaround: (for older iOS DJI GO versions) The ability to add batteries manually is available. You can access it via the "Add Battery" link, at the bottom-left of the Batteries page. Once you add the battery, you can then go to the Flight->General->Details screen and choose the correct battery for the flight.

Only one Battery While this aircraft uses more than one battery, only one battery is reported in the flight log.

Sync Alternative The Phantom 4 Pro+ built in screen does not allow the installation of the HD Sync app.

Use our DJI Direct Sync to automatically sync your flights with Airdata:
  1. Fly with P4P+
  2. Sync your flights in DJI GO on the P4P+ built in remote (this is explained here)
  3. Airdata will automatically download these flights for you
  4. Visit My Account / DJI Login for more info
No Smart Battery This aircraft does not have a smart battery, therefore, no battery serial number is reported, and detailed battery information is not available (such as temperature, per-cell voltage, percent used, etc.)