Airdata Enterprise Fleet Management

Airdata Enterprise Fleet Management

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World’s Most Trusted Flight Data Platform

Airdata UAV is the largest online drone fleet data management and real-time flight streaming platform. We provide full spectrum drone management that includes pre and post flight analysis to more than 219,000 active users.


We have a mission to help keep your aircraft airworthy by analyzing, identifying, and predicting critical failures and optimizing flight performance. Automatically capture your drone flights and pilot data AirData helps you meet compliance requirements through custom flight reports, fully customizable pre and post-flight checklists, and automatic maintenance tracking. Meet compliance requirements See trends, usage statistics, flight history, and maintenance records for all equipment. Receive alert emails when important equipment and pilot thresholds are triggered. Discover early signs of problems to prevent surprises We do the heavy lifting of automatically tracking your equipment and notifying you when maintenance is due. Ready-made templates make completing the maintenance a quick and simple process.

Effortlessly track maintenance The AirData live streaming service allows for very low latency streaming (1-second) of any flight app as it broadcasts the screen of the phone or tablet. The live streams are PIN-protected over SSL, which ensures that only designated viewers will have access to the stream