DJI AGRAS T40 Spray Tank Parts Package

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DJI AGRAS T-Series T-40 Spray Tank Parts Package

This package contains everything you would need to replace a faulty or damaged T-40 Spray Tank. 

We will build these tanks for you at an additional rate of $499.

Contains the Following Parts:


  • Part NO. Description UOM Qty.
    YC.XJ.QT000194 Spray Tank_Liquid Level Meter Installation Nut Sealing PCS 1
    YC.JG.MY000678 Spray Tank Cover Waterproof Permeability Film PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002255 Hose Nut PCS 6
    BC.AG.SS000545 Flow Meter Module (Including Signal Cable) PCS 1
    BC.AG.SS000543 Impeller Pump Motor PCS 2
    YC.ST.LL000224 M25-PF00500035-047015-5103-N PCS 6
    YC.JG.MY000712 Centrifugal Valve Rubber Pad PCS 2
    BC.AG.SS000654 Impeller Pump Module PCS 2
    YC.JG.MY000704 Motor Sealing Ring PCS 2
    BC.AG.SS000546 Spraying Adapter Module PCS 1
    YC.WJ.L00870 M30-HC060060-55-85 PCS 4
    YC.WJ.L00876 M40-HC060060-55-85 PCS 9
    YC.WJ.LL000211 M30-HC02050080-070020-5103-Y_V2 PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002237 Liquid Level Meter Bracket PCS 1
    YC.XJ.QT000350 Pump_Connector Sealing Ring PCS 2
    YC.JG.ZS002348 Impeller Pump Curving Connector PCS 2
    YC.JG.ZS001085 Spray Tank Inlet Filter PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002534 Thumb Nut PCS 2
    YC.BZ.RB000011 Spread Tank Lanyard PCS 1
    YC.SJ.WS002412 Spray Tank_Liquid Level Meter Installation PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002250 Spray Tank Cover Waterproof Permeability Cover PCS 1
    YC.SJ.J01186 Spray Tank_Filter Rubber Ring with 100 PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS000984 Flow Meter Bracket PCS 1
    YC.JG.CS000012 Spray Tank (40L) PCS 1
    YC.SJ.WS002423 Spray Tank_Spray Tank Cover Ring PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002251 Spray Tank Cover PCS 1
    YC.JG.MY000679 Spray Tank Cover Sealing Ring PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002389 Impeller Pump Protective Hood PCS 2
    YC.JG.ZS002428 Hose Right-Angle Connector PCS 2
    YC.JG.JS000027 Flow Meter Outlet Bent Hose PCS 2
    YC.XC.XX000835 Spraying Signal Cable PCS 1
    YC.JG.JS000022 Impeller Pump Right-Angle Connector PCS 2
    YC.XC.XX000857 Impeller Pump Signal Cable PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002235 Quick-Release Filter PCS 1
    YC.JG.MY000845 Spray Tank Y-tee Part Sealing Ring PCS 1
    YC.XC.XX000842 Spraying Adaptive Cable PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002232 Spray Tank Y-tee Part PCS 1
    YC.JG.TT000098 Anti-Leak Valve Spring PCS 2
    YC.JG.MY000705 Anti-Leak Valve Core PCS 2
    BC.AG.SS000547 Liquid Level Meter Module PCS 1
    YC.JG.ZS002234 Impeller Pump Bracket PCS 2
    YC.JG.MQ001505 Impeller Pump Silicone Rubber Strap PCS 2
    YC.WJ.LL000188 M40-HC00750040-060030-5103-N_01 PCS 2
    YC.JG.ZS002233 Water Outlet Rotation Cover PCS 1
    YC.JG.MY000687 Spray Tank Y-tee Part Sealing Ring PCS 4
    YC.JG.ZS002429 Filter With 50 Holes PCS 1
    BC.AG.SS000471 Spray Tank Liquid Level Meter PCS 1