DJI Matrice 3D
DJI Matrice 3D
DJI Matrice 3D
DJI Matrice 3D
DJI Matrice 3D
DJI Matrice 3D

DJI Matrice 3D

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Elevate Your Inspections: DJI Matrice 3D with Superior Imaging & Unmatched Efficiency Ready to fly bundle!


Introducing the DJI Matrice 3D, the latest breakthrough in high-performance drones, designed to integrate flawlessly with the new DJI Dock 2. This state-of-the-art inspection drone sets a new standard for precision, efficiency, and image quality, making it an essential tool for professionals in infrastructure, energy, agriculture, and beyond. Engineered for durability and versatility, the Matrice 3D and the DJI Dock 2 together offer an unmatched solution for advanced aerial data collection and analysis.

DJI Matrice 3D DJI Dock 2

Key Features:

  • Advanced Integration with DJI Dock 2: Optimized for seamless compatibility with the DJI Dock 2, ensuring quick, efficient charging and management for continuous operational readiness.

  • Superior Imaging Technology: Equipped with a cutting-edge camera system, the Matrice 3D captures high-resolution photos and videos, providing crystal-clear imagery for inspection and monitoring tasks.

  • Extended Flight Capabilities: With an enhanced battery life, the Matrice 3D offers longer flight times, allowing for comprehensive site surveys and detailed inspections without the need for frequent landings.

  • Robust Design for All Conditions: Built to operate in a variety of environmental conditions, the Matrice 3D ensures reliable performance in both urban and rural settings, even in challenging weather.

  • Precision Flight Control: Advanced flight control systems offer unparalleled stability and accuracy, making it easier than ever to capture detailed data in complex environments.

  • Integrated RTK Module: Precise millimeter GPS Positioning all integrated for ease of use within the DJI Software Platform!

Technical Specifications:

  • Camera Specs: High-resolution camera with a 1-inch CMOS sensor, capable of capturing 20MP stills and 4K video at 60fps, offering exceptional detail and clarity.

  • Flight Time: Up to 45 minutes of flight time per battery, with rapid charging capability via the DJI Dock 2, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

  • Transmission Range: Extended transmission range of up to 10 kilometers, allowing for safe and effective operations over large areas.

  • Weather Resistance: IP43 weather resistance rating, ensuring the drone's performance in light rain and dusty conditions.

  • Obstacle Sensing: Integrated forward, backward, and downward vision systems for enhanced obstacle avoidance, ensuring safer flight in complex environments.

What's Included with the DJI Matrice 3D:

  • DJI Matrice 3D Drone
  • High-Resolution Camera System
  • One Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Remote Controller
  • Battery Charging Station
  • Power Cable
  • 3 Pairs of Propellers
  • Gimbal Protector
  • Carrying Case
  • Quick Start Guide

The DJI Matrice 3D, paired with the DJI Dock 2, represents the pinnacle of drone technology, offering professionals an unparalleled tool for capturing detailed aerial data with ease and efficiency. Whether it's for critical infrastructure inspections, precision agriculture, or energy monitoring, the Matrice 3D delivers top-tier performance and reliability, making every mission a success.